The project “Equal Opportunities of Employment for the youngsters” (Pact) had as a purpose to increase the effectivity of the National Programs of the Employment and the local practices that increase the employment implementation from the Regional Directory of the National Service of Employment Lezhe for the unemployment youngsters that search for employment of the ages 16-29, by using two main approaches; through the monitoring and the function evaluation, alternated with the capacity-building of the institutions to manage effectively the programs of the employment and by working nearby the youngsters for their informing about the opportunities of assistance in the employment insurance.

The center of the activities’ implementation of the project was the raising of a core youth group and their formation in the employment’s rights advocacy, by having as an ambition a domino effect in the youth community. This is alternated with a parallel work of the project’s staff in the direction of the institutional capacities for better distribution of the information and an informing campaign in the wide community, these are the bases upon which this initiative is raised.