Project INSIDE is an Erasmus + project developed through 2016-2018 whose general aim is to promote the social inclusion of youngsters in 3 Albania, Italy, BiH through the development of cooperation and exchanges between youth organizations, in common fields of action.


This approach improves the capabilities of the Partners and enhances the synergies among them in non-formal education, promotion of voluntarism, recognition of youth work, and on project specific topics: Recycling, Re-use of abandoned spaces, Environmental Protection, and Ecotourism. The Consortium improves the quality of its mobility activities and align methodologies of its members through trainings and meetings dedicated to the staff.

Its purpose is:


To deliver competences to youth allowing them to better identify and create occupational opportunities.

To promote active citizenship among youth, as well as youth exchanges and intercultural experiences.

To increase the sense of responsibility and the environmental sensitiveness of the youngsters in their territories.