The cartridges for the Bell of Peace … The story begins (Year 1997)

The guys are the protagonists of this movement.

In 1997 a violent revolt overwhelms Albania with a spiral of violence involving everyone. The Ambassadors Of Peace’s story began in 1997 when the youngsters of Zadrima decided to clean up their villages from signs of violence and death, and to respond with signs of hope to the chaos of then. Tens of thousands of boxes are collected from the fields, the streets, the courtyards, everywhere. Boys, educators and adults, all together. Starting from this “gathering”, many educational activities are elaborated. And finally, part of the collected bosses is used in the fusion of our bell: the Bell of Peace. It is the response of the Peace Ambassadors to violence and war.

Years  1998 – 1999

“Europe welcomes the Ambassadors of Peace”




In the years 1998-1999, starts an unforgettable journey of the Ambassadors of  Peace through various European countries. The Bell of Peace is presented in a hundred cities and countries: and everyone welcomes it as a sign of hope that everyone shares. The Ambassadors of Peace bring a new breath to the new Albania and, together with different people, create strong relationships that leave differences, distrusts and difficulties behind. Only one language is spoken, recognized by everyone: the language of Peace.

-The year 2000


In the presence of President Meidani, bishopsMassafra and Mirdita and religious personalities of other faiths, The Peace Bell on January 1, 2000, is located in the center of Tirana near the big Pyramid, where it is still today. This place has become a point of reference for every manifestation of peace.

“I was born of the cartridges and I will sing for the peace of the Albanian children in the third millennium.”

“Peace has the name of children, we should serve to the peace as to the children,” said President Meidani.

These words are engraved in the Bell of Peace, and no life, touched by the Bell, would ever be the same.


Years 2003 – 2004

(Florence 2004).

The Ambassadors of Peace journey continues, while the educational path, through the themes of the calendar, is also developed in villages with monthly meetings.

The Ambassadors of  Peace work to help look at social problems – such as blood feud – from a different perspective: that of peace, reconciliation, and dialogue.

Peace ambassadors participate in a global march to protect and secure the rights of children worldwide, not to be disadvantaged on the basis of their country of origin, religion, social status …


2005 – “Blood Feud”

(An Ambassador of Peace faces a difficult Albanian reality)


In 2005, “blood feud” has taken many… too many innocent lives.

Revenge is a phenomenon that paralyzes the lives of the innocent, because of the traditional referring to the Kanun law: a normative custom, especially in the North.

Albania, based on the rule of “eye for eye and tooth for tooth”. Families for generations suffer from the consequences because of past mistakes. Knowing the gravity of this phenomenon, Ambassadors of Peace concretize their initiatives in two directions: to provide an educational contribution for a more evangelical mindset; and accompany those who are victims of this tragic phenomenon. The Ambassadors of Peace educate themselves on reconciliation, socialize with peers, and end up with the desire to deliver peace to those who need it.


The years 2006 -2007 – The work goes on … and we got news…

(A teacher with its pupils)

Because of this terrible phenomenon, children are forced to stay indoors, for fear of losing their lives. They can not go to school. For this reason, the Ambassadors of Peace have realized the program “School comes to me”: the teachers go to the children’s homes to teach them and offer a basic education (also recognized by The Education Directory of Scutari).

(Don Antonio with The Ambassadors of  Peace in the action in the name of peace.)

(The Initiative “ A dove for every reconciliation)

The Ambassadors of Peace have worked hard to stem the phenomenon of revenge, which sacrifices the lives of the innocent. In particular, since 2005 they went personally to the homes of some families in revenge, to help them look for possible reconciliations. In some cases reconciliation has been achieved. As a symbolic sign of the happened reconciliation, the initiative “A dove as a gift for every reconciliation” was born: and so it happened.

“The small pen” – Project

(The Ambassadors Of Peace, The Pen’s Party, Tirana, 3rd June 2006)

This project began in 2006, inspired by these words of the Albanian Saint Mother Teresa:

They are like a small pencil

in your hands, nothing else.

It is He who thinks.

It is He who writes.

The pencil has nothing

to do with all this.

The pencil must only

to be used.

That is how the Ambassadors of Peace want to be: small pencils in the hands of the Lord, who write beautiful stories of value and encounter.


(2007, The Ambassadors Of  Peace in The Island of Peace, Koman)

“We have good news to give you”.

Since 2007 … The Ambassadors of Peace have a new symbol, the Island of Peace.

The Island of Peace, from a simple group of rocks in the middle of Lake Koman, the A.P. they have made a podium to announce beautiful things from Albania and to give voice to what:

“It’s hidden.

He is humble.

Give peace and hope “.


2008 – “The Ambassadors of Peace remember Mother Theresa”

(3 September 2008)

The Ambassadors of Peace recall Mother Teresa, the Albanian saint who inspires them for her works of solidarity and charity. They remember her, with the hope that every day they can belike her, to keep up the path of life that they have learned to take…

The Year 2009

(Here is someone who listens to you)

In 2009, the operators of the “Papa Giovanni XXIII” Community and the “Emanuel” Community presented us with two realities of community life: the first with the opening of several family homes that welcome abandoned children, single mothers, disadvantaged young people; the second one is dedicated to welcoming those who know the dangerous drug tunnel and decided to get out of it. This is how the “camper” project was born – on the need to offer listening to young Albanians, who often find themselves catapulted by the  life of the village, limited by their social rules, to a new city reality, with an increasingly – exaggerated – open mentality outwards. On the one hand, there is a crisis in adolescent education and on the other the importance of a discipline that makes adults an example for the little ones, for a responsible growth based on shared values. It is the sense of the educational challenge that is an essential fact in the succession of generations: especially ours.


(June 2009, Koman)


(The hope flowers, 2009, The Peace Site)


2 years after having chosen the Island of Peace as a new symbol for their educational work, in June 2009 the AP created a new work site, hoping to build an ever better reality. Theme: respect for human dignity in every form and … of every color … in a rainbow of encounters that is also concretely symbolized in the Island of Peace.

That hope may not be only an illusion, but a virtue.


The Year 2010 – The 10th Anniversary of the Peace Bell in Tirana



(1st Jannuary 2010, Tirana)

An anniversary of joy, with many participants: united with the Ambassadors Of  Peace, many other friends and personalities, such as the bishops mons Lucian and mons Frendo, the ex-president Meidani.

10 years passed quickly, with many sacrifices, to make us better, to make our country a better place to live … a war to the negative phenomenon, but also the joy of overcoming all the difficulties together. To never stop dreaming, but sow with humility and wait patiently to reap the rewards.


Years 2011- 2012


(15 March 2011)

We return from the children under the blood feud. The mission continues … There are still children who are suffering from this phenomenon. They still need our help ..


(13th Febbruary 2012)


On February 13, 2012 in Scutari we have organized a wonderful event of sensibilization, against the phenomenon of  blood feud. A Flash Mob, the first in Albania of this type, organized so that everyone enters inside and feels part of the problem. The Ambassadors of Peace, young people, citizens, all have shared this ideal: that our society may be freed from these chains that leave no room for freedom and therefore the dignity of people … And after Scutari,also in Deja, Tirana and other places of Albania.



The Year 2013 – The Lamp


December 2013

An opportunity for The Ambassadors of Peace: the Albanian youngsters  represent the history of their families’ faith under the communist regime and the challenges that the same faith must face today … They are protagonists of a fascinating story and offer it to those who listen to them : in the certainty that every story, even the most abused, violated, and dark, delivered into the hands of God, becomes a story of salvation. Three trips to Italy, an average of five stages per trip, welcomed by people as friends and brothers: bringing this show of dances, songs, reflections and historical videos in many communities.


Years 2014 – 2015 – 2016



(31 May 2014, National Youth Day)

The Ambassadors of Peace, on the national day of the youngsters celebrated in Lezhe, making themselves available to animate the event: through their abilities, different but united by the same youth and will, they have made the Beatitudes (theme of the day) a hymn to life .



9-14th April 2015  School camp Collelongo, Abruzzo

With friends of the Catholic Action of Avezzano there are links that do not get weak, because there is a strong history behind and in the heart, because there is a strong desire to exchange the good that we have received and that we still share.

(19th October 2016)

The Ambassadors Of Peace on October 19th, 2016 have organized the opening of the social year that starts their activities with the theme: MAKE YOUR MARK, LEZHA, CITY OF PEACE. Almost 200 children, including educators-animators from the parish of Blinisht-Gjader, animators of the villages of Torovica, Malecaj, Pllane with theiryoungsters, found themselves at the “Rogacionistet” high school in Lezha to carry out the proposed activities … despite the threatening bad weather, which unfortunately prevented the arrival of many other friends and Ambassadors of  Peace. All those present have put their “imprint” and … so many hands are ready to work for a city of  Peace.


2017  – “The Ambassadors of Peace in the home ground”


(30th April 2017)

One of the many weekends of meeting of the Ambassadors of Peace: from different places, some from the universities of Tirana, others from Lezha, decided to spend various moments of formation, sharing and friendship. Why not leave a sign to the community of Baqel? So some groups were formed, to redesign an abandoned place and make it beautiful and … playful.